Ditoh Rohrig is an herbalist, natural health guide, counselor and peacekeeper of Native American traditions.


He is a graduate of Silva Mind Control and Hanna Kroeger's "Help One Another" natural diet and medicines curriculum. 


Ditoh is an ongoing student of subtle earth energies and cosmic forces at Senzar Learning Center.


Currently residing in the Sedona, Arizona region, Ditoh offers local herbal walks and workshops.


S.E.E.D.S. for Change


Spirit   Emotions   Exercise   Diet   Sun


S.E.E.D.S. for Change is a guide to wellness and reclaiming
your inner child that you may have lost along your path.
As a child, you were likely intuitive and saw everything
as something to play with and explore.


Let go of your lists of adult things to do,
lighten your load and look closely at what you really want to do.

Then start allowing yourself to do these things.


Regaining your youth is the first step;
that includes reversing your degrading body,

releasing your fears and changing your dreams.


If you are where you thought you should be
and find there is nothing for you there,

you may be open to a more natural way of experiencing life -- a new reality.



Choose your S.E.E.D.S below to begin the adventure!

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