Ditoh looking up Opt

We are all here to help one another.

This comes with the Self realization of our Oneness with all of life.

We were meant to be symbiotic and in harmony with life,
not it's master or competitor.


Our earth is being touched by the cosmic hand again.

Perhaps it is a part of the New Age,
of compassion, Christ consciousness.

So compelling, so marvelous, so appropriate.



Many will not wake up, leave their bodies from dis-ease, hope-lessness and discordance.


Appreciation for each moment is the Holy Grail. It hides just in front of you, in a little box with no lock, no key.


Feel for it, open your heart, be the present, the presence, the gift and the Love that you truly are.


This is the time of Appreciation, when a hero dies in the movies on the screen...
A Brave Heart.... we die also and remember our Oneness.


This is the time of Christ. This time there is no doubt.
We, the Global Family desire the Sun to set on the old World and rise from a new direction onto a world unveiled, exposed as Heaven in Form.   


~ Ditoh, February, 2016

Spiritual Eye: The Pineal Gland

Along the road, through the valleys, rivers, and crusty canyon layers we discover the magic of who we truly are.  There is a place deeply rooted in cosmic authenticity, an ingenious gathering of universal wisdom in the very center of our original self.  It is a neat little package all tied up with ribbons, many of us are afraid to open and take a peek.  Some of us looked inside briefly and closed it right back up for fear others might not agree with what we saw.  The very vibration of universal cosmic wisdom can now connect our inner truth to a bigger picture.  It is our individual responsibility to open our soulful authentic self and BE originally natural.  We all have the courage to BE our own purpose. 
Tu Bears