Most of my life, I have disliked exercise, especially things like running and riding bicycles. But, as I got older and spent more time as a river guide in the Grand Canyon, I learned that loading and unloading heavy food boxes from rafts over rocky beaches to camp was physically very demanding. Rowing for hours against harsh winds in the hot sun was taking its toll on me.


However, the boatmen that were doing yoga in the early morning on the beach seemed better at avoiding tight muscles and backaches and got more done no matter what their age. I also noticed they had more enthusiasm. I wanted the same for myself.


While in Mexico, a friend spent a morning showing me a simple series of five yoga exercises developed and practiced in Tibet that in short order promised rejuvenation and health. And, it could be done in only ten minutes a day!


From that day on, I made the Five Rites part of my morning routine. Within days, I noticed that my balance, stamina, flexibility and strength were increasing. After nearly ten years of daily practice, my body is at its perfect weight and flexibility.


Along with a good diet, healthy thinking and sunshine, you too can re-form your body to be the best it has ever been or even better! I encourage you to check further into this wonderful form of exercise.


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You should consult your health care practitioner before starting any new exercise regime, which can aggravate certain pre-existing conditions


Ready to begin?


Take a few moments to relax and let go of the concerns of the day.


Fill your mind with thoughts of gratitude for all the blessings in your life.


Visualize yourself being radiantly healthy and mentally alert.

Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale out your mouth,
then exhale slowly through your mouth, letting your breath out completely.


Repeat two more times.


For each of the Rites, attempt to do 7 repetitions, eventually building to 21 repetitions.

Ditoh and Carol demonstrate Chair Yoga and the Five Tibetan Rites! The Rites start at 16:00!


Stand erect with arms horizontally outstretched away from the body.

Place your left palm facing upward while placing your right palm downward.

Spin at a comfortable pace in a clockwise motion. If possible, rotate in groups of 7, with a goal of 21 rotations.

Let your eyes flow with the scenery as you spin.

On your last rotation, slowly come to a stop, then take a moment to center yourself.

Move smoothly from one Rite to the next, taking one or two deep breaths between each Rite.


"Leg Lifts"

Lie full length on the floor, placing your hands under your hips, palms facing down.

Breathe out as you raise your feet straight up.

If possible, let your feet extend back a bit over the body toward the head, keep your knees as straight as possible.

With a fluid motion, breathe in as you lower your feet to the floor.

Repeat, eventually building up to 21 repetitions.

After you have completed the leg lifts, take one or two deep breaths and move onto the Third Rite.

"Look Back"


Kneel with arms held loosely at your side. Position your
toes to be touching the floor.

Breathe in deeply as you lean backward, allowing your
head to fall backward as far as you comfortably can.

Let your arms move backward, touching your heels, if

Breathe out as you come to an erect position, allowing
your chin to move forward, towards your chest.

Build up to 21 repetitions.

Take one or two deep breaths, then move onto the Fourth Rite.


"Swing Through"

Sit erect with feet stretched out in front of you.
Keep your legs straight, with the back of  the knees as
close to the floor as possible.

Place your hands flat on the floor, directly next to your hips,
fingers together and hands pointing slightly outward.

Breathing in, bend your knees and raise your buttocks. As
the body is raised upward, allow the head to gently fall
backward as far as possible. Your arms and legs will be
vertical, while your torso is horizontal, creating a table with
your body.

Breathe out as you return to the starting position.

Build up to 21 repetitions.

Take one or two deep breaths, then move onto the Fifth Rite.


Place your hands on the floor about two feet apart with
your legs stretched out behind you, feet together, toes on
the floor.

Breathe out as you push your body, especially the hips, up
as far as possible, forming an inverted "V."

At the same time, bring your head down so that you can
see your toes.

Breathe in as you begin to lower your body down to a
‘sagging’ position.

At the same time, stretch your spine by drawing your head
backward, as far as possible.

Breathe out as you raise your hips back into the first

Build up to 21 repetitions.

Carol and Ditoh
Carol and Ditoh
mantis partner yoga


Relieves muscular tension
Aids in relaxation
Enhances cardiovascular system
Tightens abdominal muscles
Revitalizes the endocrine glands
Balances hormones
Oxygenates the body
Prevents bone loss
Enhances muscle tone
Increases stamina
Enhances balance
Creates an overall sense of well-being
Assists lymphatic system
Improves posture
Facilitates detoxification
Increases strength and flexibility
Energizes the body
Clarity of thought
Increases blood and spinal fluid flow
Decreases rate of aging
Improves total body function
Restores some memory loss
Assists in repairing some injuries
Aids digestion and elimination
Increases range of motion
Reduces stress
Tones internal organs
Supports every cell in the body
Creates emotional well-being
Aligns Self with Spirit
Re-aligns chakras
Stimulates flow of kundalini
Improves overall health and well-being

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At 90 years of age, White Wolf says the Five Rites keeps her young.

White Wolf Performing "Third Rite"

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as she performs the Five Rites.


What an inspiration!