The power of love and gratitude made visible.
-- Dr. Masuro Emoto

When I was first introduced to Dr. Masuru Emoto's
work, I was incredulous!


For many years, Dr. Emoto had been studying the
effects of thoughts and emotions on water.
His experiments included photographing frozen
water molecules before and after playing various
types of music, the effects of prayer over polluted
water, and the effects of placing words such
as "I hate you!" or "love" on a container of water.


Evidence was clear that positive and negative
thoughts, words and emotions in the vicinity of
the water changed it’s molecular structure.


When you consider that the majority of our planet
as well as our bodies are made of water, it
becomes clear that our thoughts and emotions
change our DNA structure.



Before and after photos of the polluted water at the

Fujiwara Dam in Japan. The transformation occurred

after a Buddhist prayer was offered to the water.




Heavy Metal Music               "Imagine" by John Lennon


Dr. Emoto passed away in 2014, however his work
lives on. Read “The Hidden Messages in Water” or seek
his work on the internet and you will be astounded!


When asked, “Have you come across a particular
word or phrase in your research that you have
found to be most helpful in cleaning up the natural
waters of the the world?” Dr. Emoto responded,
“love and gratitude."


 Emoto Love plus Gratitude


Emotions are energy in motion (E + motion)

If you spend your emotional energy complaining,
you will attract more things to complain about.


On the other hand, if you spend your emotional
energy creating your happiest vision of the greatest
version of your Self, you will shift your life experiences
to those of love, inspiration, gratitude, joy and wonder.


This is the Law of Attraction and is a verifiable reality
formed by how you look at life. You are what you think.
How you look at things will design the life you get.


Emotions are vibrational with the lowest being guilt,
resentment, insecurity, fear and hate, to name a few.
These will eventually lead to physical dis-ease.


Let go of negative emotions. If need be, "fake it 'til
you make it" until you have reached the levels of love
you were designed to experience.


Then you can re-experience radiant health that is
available to all who hold high frequencies, allowing
you to feel positive and good on a daily basis.


If you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at will change.



Everything is a perception, either a drama or a comedy.
The energy you put into motion (E+motion) will create
the reality you perceive.


Rearrange everything you do and say and all whom
you interact with to embrace the positive and your
emotions will improve dramatically.


Speak clearly, positively and with integrity. Aspire to speak only what is true for you.


Ask each day that the Universe provide that which
is perfect and joyful for you. Be grateful for all things
coming your way as though it were already a reality,
because on one level, it is.


Be mindful that what you think today creates what
you experience tomorrow.