The Sun: Friend or Foe?

The sun has undeservedly received a bad reputation.


People have worked in the sun all of their lives, in many cases, nearly naked yet did not get skin cancer until recently.

People who live in northern high latitudes and are rarely in the sun have a high frequency of skin cancer, often in places on the body where the "sun doesn't shine."


Why is this?


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Feeling depressed or moody?

Get a daily dose of sunshine!



Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is an area of concern for those suffering depression and lethargy due to a lack of skin exposure to sunlight for long periods of time.


SAD used to be associated with long winter days, however, it has been on the rise as more workers find themselves indoors with no skin exposure to sunlight for days at a time.


The body does not receive what it needs to create Vitamin D when the sun exposure comes through windows.


If you are an indoor office worker, consider rolling up your sleeves and pant legs and heading outside to bask in the sun during your lunch break.



It is important to keep sunburnt skin moistened until it heals itself. The first couple of days after the burn, to alleviate the discomfort, moisten a towel or washcloth with cool water and place over the affected areas.


For added relief, add ¼ cup of baking soda to a cool or tepid bath. Other bath options are to add ½ - 1 cup of oatmeal or ½ cup of apple cider vinegar. Soak for 15- 20 minutes. Either pat skin dry with a towel or allow your skin to air dry.










Vitamin E will keep the skin moisturized and help with the healing process. The cheapest form is to use capsules rather than liquid from a bottle. Cut the capsule or prick it with a pin and gently rub the oil onto the affected areas.



















Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties that will assist in relieving sunburn pain. For added coolness, refrigerate the leaves.

Peel off the top layer of the leaf and apply the sticky goo directly onto the sunburn, avoiding the eyes. Reapply as needed.










Coconut Oil can be applied just like skin lotion. It will keep your skin nourished and hydrated and gives relief from the itchiness during the peeling process.



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